“I am a small Publisher so I have to stay under the table to pick up the scraps”, that was my certainty, reached after 2 years of experience. The desperate research of an alternative way has made me find out the project “Editore Quotato”, which I participated and honestly I was skeptical. But this was the pleasant surprise: I have met very serious interlocutors, who were prepared and attentive to my work as Publisher. The results have been very good from the very beginning and I didn’t expect them to be so good so quickly. Thanks to MediaMatic (sponsor of the Project Editore Quotato) I work now more focused on the care for the contents because I know to have in the background  a structure which is able to value them. Knowing that the revenue can increase also thanks to the increase in eCPM and not only thanks to the increase in the number of views is a further incentive to remember that “Content is King”.

To sum up, thanks to Paolo and Tommaso, you are making my work as Publisher bearable.